Solar Eclipse 2017

Are You On The Path Of Totality?

The Path of Totality is the path across the United States that you will be able to see the total eclipse of the sun. Bob Berman of Wired described the experience as “exquisitely odd and wondrous sensation of solar emissions, both visible and invisible, vanishing right in the middle of the day.”

In any given place on earth, a total eclipse appears just once every 375 years.

Here and there, a few places will enjoy two totalities in a single decade: Carbondale, Illinois1, for example, sits at the intersection of both eclipse tracks—2017’s and 2024’s. Yet residents of other cities, including those of us at Sunflare in Los Angeles, will just have to sit and soak up the sun for more than a millennium.

How the eclipse will affect your solar panels? SUN2 panels are the best working in low light of any panels so those people off the Totality Path will have very little interruption. And you can also rest assured that The National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the utilities have studied the impact and anticipated the changes needed.