BIPVCo seeks to sell the ‘little black dress’ of rooftop solar

It’s not often that solar panels and Kim Kardashian are mentioned in the same breath, particularly by an industrial entrepreneur with a background in steel making. But for Paul Bates, chief operating officer at BIPVCo, it is the easiest way to describe why his solar roofing company stands out from the competition.

“Certain houses with solar panels on the roof  — it looks like they have one of Kim Kardashian’s rings stuck on the roof!” he told BusinessGreen. “It’s bling, it looks awful. What we are looking for is Coco Chanel  — understated elegance, the little black dress, if you will. It’s unobtrusive but it’s there, it’s stylish and it’s also functional.”

Bates believes the “Coco Chanel” of solar roofing comes in the form of BIPVCo’s technology, which uses thin film PV technology to create an all-in-one solar roofing solution that can either be incorporated into new build houses, factories and commercial units or retrofitted using its “peel and stick” product.

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