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Big Night Out

  This ARC34 designed VW Concept car comes fully loaded with a Bigfoot Tent and Sunflare SUN2 solar panels. Tent sleeps two. Solar panel powers a battery bank hidden near the spare tire that fuels dining and dancing. Table and Entertainment system are controlled by an iPhone app and Bluetooth connection. DC motor raises and […]

Rooftop Solar in the U.S. Getting a Recharge

  Let’s be honest. Most early adopters of solar technology who have rooftop solar panels installed on their homes have a vested interest in clean, renewable energy. But another big motivator for many consumers of solar energy is the money saved by generating their own electricity. That promise of cost savings just got a major […]

Do the right thing.

  Withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement is a major setback on the work that needs to be done to curb climate change. By not adhering to the agreement, we are showing how little we, as a country, value any global commitment. And how little we value the future of our children’s children. When I […]

Jobs in the Solar Power Industry Continue to Grow

Though job creation in the coal and natural gas industries has grabbed most of the headlines in recent months, the solar power workforce has been rapidly expanding for several years. Solar power accounts for less than one percent of electricity generation in the U.S., but the solar power industry currently generates more jobs than the […]

Stay Off of My Blue Suede Shoes

Forty miles away from any inhabited island in the Galapagos Islands, a boat drops off Dave Anderson, professor of biology and his crew of four from Wake Forest University. It won’t return for several months. They are the only people on the island. Their communication with the outside world is spotty–there’s a cell tower some […]

Making Solar Accessible

On the surface, some buildings don’t appear to be ample spots for solar installation. There isn’t enough room to set an array of panels, or there isn’t enough structural durability to support the weight. Or both. A relatively new product is helping building owners and operators overcome those challenges. Sunflare, a thin, flexible solar cell, […]

Google Sunroof

Are you solar-curious? Go to Google Project Sunroof and see how much sun you get on your roof. Yes, your very own roof.