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IEC Approval Brings Sunshine To Sweden

After a combined 18 years of relentlessly pursuing the perfect CIGS solar technology, Sunflare and their European Research & Development partner, Midsummer, have received IEC certification on their SUN2 solar panels. IEC is the leading certification organization that prepares and publishes the International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies. The Sunflare/Midsummer team is the […]

Jobs in the Solar Power Industry Continue to Grow

Though job creation in the coal and natural gas industries has grabbed most of the headlines in recent months, the solar power workforce has been rapidly expanding for several years. Solar power accounts for less than one percent of electricity generation in the U.S., but the solar power industry currently generates more jobs than the […]

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Net Metering: A Flexible Future for the Planet

Now more than ever, consumers understand that alternative energy is critical to the survival of our planet. As a result, they want the freedom to choose the energy they consume – whether it’s from fossil fuel or alternative energy. Consumers also want to determine how they consume energy, as well as the ability to produce […]

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Three Big Benefits of Solar Energy

  Benefit #1: Solar reduces the carbon footprint and makes the planet healthier. Carbon dioxide (also known as CO2) is generated as a by-product burning coal, oil and gas to create energy. The two biggest contributors to CO2 are the cars we drive and the power for our homes. The cumulative effect is referred to […]

What makes Sunflare Solar Technology Different?

What makes Sunflare Solar Technology Different?

  Once you decide to make the move to solar energy, how do you choose the solar technology that is right for you? The next generation of solar cells is getting better every day. New high quality cells are now available that are flexible, light and thin – and more affordable than ever before. And […]

Google Sunroof

Are you solar-curious? Go to Google Project Sunroof and see how much sun you get on your roof. Yes, your very own roof.

Elon Musk Debuts the Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall Keynote by Elon Musk “The Missing Piece” Here’s Elon Musk’s keynote address from the Tesla announcement of its Powerwall battery system for homes and businesses–the first step in his dream to create “smart microgrids.”