IEC Approval Brings Sunshine To Sweden

After a combined 18 years of relentlessly pursuing the perfect CIGS solar technology, Sunflare and their European Research & Development partner, Midsummer, have received IEC certification on their SUN2 solar panels. IEC is the leading certification organization that prepares and publishes the International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies.

The Sunflare/Midsummer team is the first organization to successfully mass-produce precise, flexible, light, affordable CIGS solar panels. They have totally reengineered the manufacturing of CIGS panels with their Capture4 technology.

Philip Gao, Sunflare’s CEO said, “The science was mostly there for CIGS. What was required was innovative equipment matched with a precise formulation of the cells. Capture4 is a cell-by-cell manufacturing process with the highest degree of precision and the cleanest environmental footprint. This allows us to do what no manufacturer of CIGS thin film has done before—mass-produce efficient, flexible solar panels.” 

Part of that precision comes from a high degree of monitoring system. Each cell has a QR code that records the exact conditions of every manufacturing step for uniform quality.

When asked what took the industry so long, Gao replied, “It’s a classic case of getting the right hardware and software together.”

Sunflare provided a finely-honed formulation and worked tirelessly with their innovative equipment partner to create the proprietary manufacturing process. The resulting system is a compact, fully automatic deposition system for CIGS solar cell manufacturing. It’s designed for high throughput, operational stability, optimized layer uniformity and superior material utilization.

“We have shown that we are the leading provider of turnkey production lines of flexible thin film CIGS,” said Sven Lindström, CEO, Midsummer. “Our focus on lightweight flexible modules appeals to the market, as well as our use of sputtering for all layers, and that the production process is environmentally superior to silicon and other thin film productions.”

The collective Sunflare team says that they are motivated by the vision of making renewable, solar energy available and affordable to all–from a village in Africa that has never had access to electricity to the buildings in the largest urban cities. Gao said, “Ultimately, there should not be a roof or car built without solar. Our vision is that everything built under the sun is powered by the sun.”

Shown below:

SUN2 covers the sports arena “Vikingahallen” (the Viking’s hall) and is in the city of Sigtuna, north of Stockholm. Sigtuna was the capital of Sweden, one thousand years ago, today it is the home of this large sports complex. The building is divided into two full-size halls, an A-hall 20 X 40 Meters and armor that takes about 600 people and a B-hall hall 20 x 40 meters used for training.