Rooftop Solar in the U.S. Getting a Recharge


Let’s be honest. Most early adopters of solar technology who have rooftop solar panels installed on their homes have a vested interest in clean, renewable energy.

But another big motivator for many consumers of solar energy is the money saved by generating their own electricity.

That promise of cost savings just got a major boost with recent news that German powerhouse Mercedes-Benz Energy is joining forces with Vivint Solar to add battery storage to residential rooftop solar systems in the U.S.

Renewable Energy World reports that the two companies will soon bring the Mercedes-Benz customizable home energy storage system to the U.S., adding the long-awaited battery component to Vivint Solar’s residential solar systems.

With the addition of battery storage, Vivint Solar’s customers – of which there are already 100,000 nationwide – will have more control over the electricity they generate.

This means saving battery power to use as a backup source if the grid goes down, as well as a way to store excess solar energy generated during the day to be consumed during peak periods at night or when rates are higher.

The home battery storage systems are based on the same automotive battery technology used by Mercedes-Benz in its hybrid and electric vehicles and they have been successfully used with residential solar systems in Europe for some time.

Sunflare CEO said, “This gets us one step closer to the day when solar is the dominant energy on the planet and CO2 is reduced”.

The new storage systems will consist of modular 2.5-kWh batteries that can be combined to customize a system up to 20-kWh depending on the customer’s individual energy consumption needs.

As with Vivint Solar’s rooftop systems, new customers in California will be able to buy the battery systems outright or finance them over time.