What makes Sunflare Solar Technology Different?

What makes Sunflare Solar Technology Different?


Once you decide to make the move to solar energy, how do you choose the solar technology that is right for you?

The next generation of solar cells is getting better every day. New high quality cells are now available that are flexible, light and thin – and more affordable than ever before. And because they are lighter, they can be mounted almost anywhere, including large commercial distribution centers with roofing weight concerns.

Sunflare vs. Silicon

Sunflare is one of the new solar technologies out today. It’s different in a number of ways. The first way is close to environmentalists’ hearts–Sunflare uses 50% less energy than silicon right out of the gate to create the solar panels. Also it is different because no harmful chemicals are used, less water is used in the manufacturing process and materials are recycled.

Sunflare’s SUN2 solar panels have a low temperature coefficient and low-light absorption that enables them to generate more power.

Sunflare CIGS panels are thin-film copper indium selenide solar cells created by Sunflare’s patented Capture4 cell-by-cell manufacturing process, which yields the highest degree of precision and the cleanest environmental footprint.

Each SUN2 cell in the manufacturing process starts with high quality stainless steel and is layered with copper, indium, gallium and selenide semiconductor materials only a few micrometers thick. The result is thin solar cells that can be less than ¼ the weight of silicon cells and are easy to transport and install.

And that’s’ just the beginning. Sunflare’s solar panels don’t require heavy aluminum framing, glass or mounting hardware, which makes them easier and cheaper to install.

The cells are also covered in plastic laminate instead of glass, so if you drop Sunflare’s cells, they won’t break!

The Future is Bright

The best way to get more people excited about solar technology and using solar energy is to make it more affordable.

Experts around the world agree that CIGS holds the most promise for increasing efficiency and decreasing the costs of solar cell manufacturing, which will ultimately drive the adoption of solar power.

As production of Sunflare’s solar cells increases, the cost of the solar cells will continue to decrease to a fraction of the cost of traditional silicon cells. In fact, we expect a 25% efficiency rating at ¼ the cost of silicon.

The best part about Sunflare’s solar solution is that the panels can be installed almost anywhere from residential and commercial roofs to consumer products.

Sunflare enables large-scale photovoltaics on roofs that are light, flexible and thin enough to follow architectural designs and work within weight constraints and structural concerns. The cells are easy to install, cost-efficient and there is no penetration of the roofing membranes.

To learn more about solar technology and Sunflare’s revolutionary solar cells, contact us today.