Sunflare introduces Capture4 solar technology, the first high quality, mass production of flexible, light, thin, affordable solar cells.

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Our 16-year quest for the perfect solar cell has culminated in the development of SUN2. With an efficiency equal to silicon, the world now has the game-changing solution we have all been looking for. It’s light, flexible, thin, affordable and created to exacting specifications.


Our patented Capture4 is a cell-by-cell manufacturing process with the highest degree of precision and the cleanest environmental footprint. This proprietary technology is a complete reengineering of the continuous-run method.
It changes everything.


Each SUN2 cell in our patented manufacturing process starts with high quality stainless steel. It is layered with Copper, Indium, Gallium, and Selenide semiconductor materials only a few micrometers thick.

For the first time, high quality solar can be virtually anywhere.

Flexible enough to conform to the most unique building architecture or the sleek line of your teardrop trailer. Light enough to cover the roof of a million square foot distribution center with no load issues. Or can even power a drone.

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Cut costs.
Build dreams.

Sunflare enables affordable, esthetically pleasing solar on rooftops. It is light, thin and flexible.

Leapfrog your

Sunflare’s innovative Sun2 solar cells allow manufacturers to add value to products at efficient and flexible scale.

Flex your

Sunflare’s engineering team can work with architectural, design, and construction firms to deliver revolutionary energy solutions.