Our patented Capture4 is a cell-by-cell
manufacturing process with the highest degree of precision and the cleanest environmental footprint. This proprietary technology is a complete reengineering of the continuous-run method. It changes everything.

Each SUN2 cell in our patented manufacturing process starts with high quality stainless steel. It is layered with Copper, Indium, Gallium, and Selenide semiconductor materials only a few micrometers thick.

A QR code is added to record the exact
conditions of each manufacturing step to
ensure uniform quality.

Stainless Steel


Copper, Indium,
Gallium, and
Selenide (CIGS)


Silk Screened


SUN2 is active more hours of the day, resulting in approximately 10% more energy generation

Low-Light Absorption

SUN2 produces more energy at dawn and dusk because of better low-light performance.

Better for the Environment

Sunflare SUN2 solar requires 50% less energy
to produce than crystalline silicon panels.

More Power

SUN2 cells have a lower temperature coefficient,
so they create more power during the warmest hours versus traditional solar. SUN2 also do not need air circulation under them to cool them down.


SUN2 flexible cells can bend with the shape of any roof. And they are more durable than the fragile, breakable silicon cells.

Easy Installation

Sunflare panel installation does not require aluminum framing, glass or mounting hardware which makes them easier, more cost efficient, and less labor intensive to install.


Sunflare Delivers More Compared to Crystalline Silicon Cells

10% more energy generated at comparable costs. Sunflare SUN2 produces more energy at
dawn and dusk because of better low-light performance, and at midday when temperatures are
hottest because of the low temperature co-efficient of CIGS.

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Sunflare CIGS +10%

Traditional C-Si

The Future is Bright

Experts around the world agree that CIGS holds the most promise for increased efficiencies and decreased costs, resulting in driving volume for solar in the future. Sunflare efficiency will increase in the coming years. And with volume production, Sunflare solar cells can be ¼ the cost of silicon.

Solar prices as a whole are declining and with volume CIGS will drop even lower. CIGS efficiency is increasing at a rapid rate is expected to reach the high twenties as R & D continues.

Sunflare’s Capture4 technology delivers the cleanest
mass produced solar power on the planet.

Uses 50% less energy to produce panels than Silicon1.

Does not rely on toxic chemicals. No lead, cadmium, hydrofluoric acid, or hydrochloric acid.

Requires less water to manufacture and recycles the little water used

Materials are recycled when spent.

Unlike fossil fuels, Sunflare solar panels do not produce pollutants or release CO2 into the atmosphere as they generate energy.